Rho Alpha Kappa Alumni Association

Toronto, Canada

Some of the folks at Rho@60 reunion

Hart Broudy  -  Bill Cobban

Paul Chaput  -  Cherie Allen

Brian & Janice Bobbie    -    Maj & Jack Kellum

Larry Horne   -   Doug Kiefer

Les Smith   -   John Coutanche

Graham Orwin   -   Joe Lewis

Bruce Dowdell  -  Bob Ireland  -  Doug Kiefer

Gord & Barb Corlett

Cherie Allen  -  Klazina Hooper  -  Neal Sandy

Tom Williams

Rob Metcalfe   -   Tom Brennand

Jim Elliott   -   Don McQueen

Christine Gamus

All eyes on the after dinner presentation

Joe Lewis   -   Neal Sandy

Derek Boles

Joe & Lorna Lewis

Hal Arthur

MC: George MacNabb

Larry Horne

Les Smith pays tribute to Syd Perlmutter

Hal Arthur greeted by George MacNabb

On October 20, 2018, around 40 Rho brothers and friends celebrated 60 years of Rho Alpha Kappa - a fraternity at Ryerson, 1958-1972.  Meeting at Oakham House, we had the chance to talk about old times and some of the more memorable moments in life at the fraternity. But most importantly, we remembered what the fraternity represented – brotherhood in the true sense of the word. Rho was a place where like-minded people could come together and get to know each other, not just as acquaintances around school, but as friends in the true meaning of the word. And 60 years later with the annual Rho Alpha Kappa Alumni Association Award, we're able to leave a legacy that will endure long after we're gone.

We are grateful for the financial support provided by Alumni Relations for this reunion.

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